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sensory reality platform
 The content platform 
Inside the SRP is a software module that connects to a library containing all of the available sensory reality content. The platform links to all of the SR-Pods, making it easy to distribute new experiences to customers.
Content is extremely diverse, ranging from the entertaining to the practical, as is the case with our therapy-focused modules. The experiences are indexed in terms of functionality and are also categorized according to which senses are stimulated, making it easy to search for specific experiences to suit the individual.
 The experience builder 
The Experience Builder is what we use to create SR-Apps and experiences. This software makes it possible to easily connect the different sensorial modules and to implement use of biofeedback data. Creators can use their existing content and ‘sensify’ it by controlling different sensorial stimuli such as temperature, wind and smell. Our Experience Builder is easy to use and requires no in-depth technical knowledge or coding.
For creators who would like to develop more in-depth and precise experiences, we have an API framework that can be used to code SR-Apps from scratch.
Example Unreal plugin:
 Interactive biometrics 
Besides activating the senses through the stimulating modules, we have biofeedback data available to use during the experiences and are developing our own biofeedback analyzing module that works with the sensor. This module will make it possible to design experiences that incorporate biofeedback input.
 Content creation 
Customized content solutions can be created on customer requests. The Sensiks creators network offers a wide range of possibilities ranging from fast prototyping to high-end productions.
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