Sensory Reality

“What computer programming did for the digitization of society and economy in the last two decades is what Sensory Reality will do for understanding and optimizing mental states of human beings.”
 What is Sensory Reality? 
Our five senses are the gateways between the realms of our inner experiences and the physical outer world. Sensory input from our environment largely determines how we feel and behave. 
Environmental characteristics such as luminosity of light sources, the nature, and level of ambient noise and acoustics, the presence of specific odors, color hues and shades, and materials and atmospheric factors such as temperature and humidity, all generate sensory input.
 What is Real? 

What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. - Morpheus 

Neurobiological studies have shown that signals delivered via different sensory modalities interact nonlinearly at multiple processing levels in the brain. Different sensory modalities influence each other and become integrated, interpreted, and stored as a multisensory holistic percept of an object or environment. Once stored in memory, a full holistic percept can be triggered when only a subset of its constituting modalities are activated. 
 A Multisensory Percept 
Moreover, artificially stimulating our senses in correct harmony by presenting the right  sensory triggers associated with a familiar multisensory percept in the correct way can evoke the illusion of a real percept.
"In other words, the brain cannot distinguish whether a consistent multisensory holistic percept results from the perception of a real-world environment or a fabricated (virtual) one.."
Sensiks coined the term ‘Sensory Reality’ to refer to this illusion. Sensory Reality can be deployed to give an operator the illusion of being present in a remote environment by providing multimodal, visual, Haptic, audible, olfactory) sensory stimuli that represent the remote environment.
 Bridging "the Gap" 
SR technology will be a key differentiator component for bridging the experiential ‘gap’ between illusion and reality and unlock a multiverse of limitless new sustainable solutions and equal opportunities for everybody, anywhere.

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