2017 LBBONLINE: Sensory Reality to deliver more personal and relevant experiences for shoppers

Geometry Global UK Introduces Sensory Reality Marketing for Brands

Geometry Global UK has installed SENSIKS’ Sensory Reality Pod in-house as the agency continues to test and develop new and engaging ways to influence shopper behavior.
Initially created by Fred Galstaun, SENSIKS Chief Experience Officer to support people suffering from autism and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), the multi-sensory cabin synchronizes audio-visual experiences with scent, temperature, airflow, tremble, taste and light – forming a reality, live-in-the-moment, experience. The Sensory Pods were launched at SXSW earlier this year.
We invited Fred for his insights, and he said: “By enriching audiovisual content with stimuli for all the senses, Sensory Reality can transform the shopper’s state of mind from passive observing to active experiencing. Geometry will apply this experience-builder to help brands develop more meaningful experiences and deeper connections with their customers.”
Sensory technology fulfills shopper craving for experience
Fifty-seven percent of consumers crave experiences that stimulate their senses, with the figure rising to 78 percent amongst millennials who prioritize experience over buying “stuff” reports the Harris Group. Sensory Reality will help brands to emulate experiences for their customers.
Debbie Ellison, Head of Digital, Geometry Global UK, who is leading the initiative explains, “In pursuit of life through heightened emotion, people want a world where brands no longer tell them about products but invite them to “feel and live” the service or product in a moment of time.
She continues, “We are all overwhelmed by branded content which, at most, triggers a few of our senses. Brands are now looking to tap into sensory to connect more closely with people.”
Geometry UK will be working with clients to generate a range of new Sensory Reality experiences such as the taste, smell, feel of chocolate brands and how ingredients come to life for the shopper; sound and sight of waves, taste of sea-air, the warmth of the sun, feel of the sand for holiday beverage drinkers; and for people shopping for a new car – sounds, scent, and scenery of a test-drive on a journey of their choice.
Geometry UK’s Sensory Reality introduction follows recently the announced partnership with Augmented Reality specialist Blippar, and, the launch of Geometry’s eCommerce Accelerator to help brands connect seamlessly between digital content, eCommerce and physical retail.

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