Unreal Engine Plugin for the Sensiks Multi Sensory Experience Cabin or (Pod).
The Sensiks Pod is a full sensory cabin that is designed to trigger all senses of the human body through modular devices that can be picked and placed around the cabin at will. These sensors all communicate with a central system which can be controlled via Unreal Engine or Unity to create sensified digital experiences that take standard visual experiences to the next level. The entire pod is entirely modular through recycled composite panels that snap in a grid to create a pod of any size with any number of sensors.
This plugin provides developers easy access to sensor events through both C++ and Blueprints. Unreal Engine developers can handle inputs and outputs of all sensors contained in the pod that are currently accessible through the SDK. The sensors currently supported and included are heat panels, air fans, odor emitters, 5.0 surround sound speakers system, and led cabin lighting.Each sensor is accessible as a component that can be added to any existing actor.Each component is a hook into the functionality of a particular sensor, and the developers are able to read or write from/ to it.
Unreal Engine Developers have easy access to all sensors through Blueprints or C++ with a list of components:
  • HeaterComponent
  • CeilingComponent
  • ScentComponent
  • FanComponent
  • LightPanelComponent
Developers are able to use the plugin as part or real-time experience or using it for creation of cinematics or sequences.

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