Hannover Messe 2018: 10 brilliant Dutch startups to watch out for in Holland Startup Pavilion

Hannover Messe 2018: 10 brilliant Dutch startups to watch out for in Holland Startup Pavilion

Home to major multinationals like Philips, Bosch, Boeing and ASML, the Netherlands’ high tech industry is among the most innovative in the world. Meanwhile, pioneering companies like Tesla and TomTom fuel the growth. Now the windmill country is focusing on innovative startups and ambitious scaleups to drive the growth and help them flourish internationally.

Like every year, the Dutch startups have marked their presence at one of Europe’s leading trade fairs for industrial technology — Hannover Messe 2018 – which is happening from April 23 to 27, 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

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Flaunting the ‘innovating together’ theme the Holland startup pavilion is focusing with tech startups on the tech areas including NanoTech, Robotics, 3D Printing, AR/VR, Energy Transition & Storage, Smart city, Health Tech / Med Tech, Drones, Smart Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Tech, Cyber Security, Photonics, and Brain / Computer Interface (BCI), Logistics & Infra and Special Materials.

Already, around 140 Dutch companies from the high-tech sector are participating in the Hannover Messe trade fair. Reportedly, this year the ‘orange’ entry was backed by a visit of Mona Keijzer, Minister for Foreign Trade and Climate, and Prince Constantijn van Oranje, known as a special envoy of Startup Delta.

As informed to Silicon Canals by the officials of Startup Delta, there are around 47 startups from the Netherlands in the Young Tech Enterprise Hub (hall 17). This hall at the world’s largest industrial fair is specifically for startups and innovations. But if you’re visiting this particular section of Hannover Messe 2018, let us tell you about 10 most innovative startups to pay a visit to.

Check out the list below.

#1 Eurekite

Eurekite claims to be the world’s first company to provide a new nanotechnology which is based on flexible ceramics and has its stall at Hannover Messe 2018.

Based in the Netherlands, Eurekite manufactures this flexible ceramic material and has named it as Flexiramics. As per the company, these nanofibers can be utilized to incorporate ceramic properties into polymer without hindering flexibility. Eurekite also aims to produce Flexiramics composites to be used as flexible electronics substrate with better thermal management. Now that’s really innovative!


Innovative software company is also present in the trade show demonstrating its design process in terms of reducing noise and vibrations in high-tech engineering environments, especially in the automotive sector. Vibes was founded in Delft in 2015 in the Netherlands. Nowadays the team consists of six experienced engineers driven by a passion for mechanical engineering and a mission to provide fellow professionals with the resources to make everyday products better, quieter and more sustainable. is now a part of the YES!Delft technology incubator.

#3 Quicargo

The leading Dutch-logistic startup, Quicargo which has recently announced its plan to open operations in Belgium and Germany is also representing Holland Startup Pavilion at the Hannover Messe 2018. Quicargo, which is a B2B online marketplace for empty spaces in trucks is doing really well. The Amsterdam-based company received a €900k seed investment, this month in April 2018 itself. The investment has come from a group of Dutch and German logistics experts and angel investors, including previous investors. Further, Quicargo also plans to mark its entry to the UK very soon.

#4 MoreApp

This Rotterdam-based mobile application which let you digitize all your business forms with just a touch of a finger is also there in the Hall 17 of Hannover Messe. The company aims to save paper and your time by letting you fill your work forms at any location or with any device.

#5 SwipeGuide

The Amsterdam-based instruction software startup, SwipeGuide is also exhibiting at Hannover Messe and will be a part of Young Tech Enterprises Hub. SwipeGuide is used by companies such as Heineken, Philips, and Pepsico to improve and track user guides for both consumer durables and work instructions.

#6 Sense Glove

A creation of Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter from TU Delft, Sense Glove is also there at the Hannover Messe this year. It’s a really cool looking high-tech glove that lets a user touch and feel objects in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This gadget from the promising Dutch startup uses force feedback and haptic technology along with counterpressure and vibration to function. Recently, Sense Glove closed a deal with leading car manufacturer Volkswagen to train its assembly staff by using the technology.

#7 Olisto

An app from Amsterdam, Olisto will also have its own stall at the Hannover Messe in the Holland Startup Pavilion. The mobile application helps users connect their smart devices, digital services, and favorite apps, and have them work together following the rules set by the user.

#8 Propeaq

Propeaq light glasses from Fluxplus, the Tilburg-based tech company will also be showcasing their range at the trade show. The special glasses come with a corresponding app which can help a user to prevent jet lag, get a better sleep and boost their energy for a better performing day.

#9 Sensiks

The Amsterdam-based Sensiks is also presenting its Sensory Reality technology at the Holland Pavillion at Hannover Messe 2018. The Sensiks cabins (sensor reality pods) from Vugt give VR a whole new meaning: not only visually, but also with sound, smell and air. All your senses are stimulated, once you’re inside the Sensiks pod. With these single-occupancy pods, the Dutch company hopes to revolutionize the treatment of dementia, PTSD, and brain damage.


#10 Declaree

Founded in 2012, Declaree, a Rotterdam-based startup will also be exhibiting at the Hannover Messe 2018. Declaree is an expense management solution that allows organizations to digitize the entire expense declaration process. It is available in the form of a mobile application and also an online web application. It allows receipts to be filed on the go, allowing managers to view statements in one clear place.


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