Sensory VR Relaxation Pods Help People De-Stress At Work

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Sensory VR Relaxation Pods Help People De-Stress At Work

A Dutch startup has created sensory booths that immerse people in relaxing sights, scents, temperatures and sounds

Sensiks, a Dutch tech startup focused on immersive experiences, offers a wellness virtual reality cabin that works to stimulate the senses via the regulation of air flow and temperature, vibrations, scents, light and even tastes, integrating all of these elements to completely immerse users in a relaxing scene.

Each sensory reality pod includes a VR headset that provides the visual for the experience—anything from a beach setting to an aerial trip over a mountain range. The AI leaning technology of the pods can also tailor the experience to a particular user’s mood and preferences, using biometrics to measure vital signs like heart rate and breathing to see which specific stimulations relax an individual the most.



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