Imagine you have a boss who is always grumpy, constantly micromanages you, never says anything positive, always stresses you out etc. etc.

Quite a possible scenario, don’t you think?

Now imagine you have an interactive multi-sensory pod in your office that can teleport you to a world where you meet a nicer version of your boss. In this new world that you have been teleported to your boss sings you praises, smiles at you and seems relaxed and friendly. You have a lovely conversation with your boss and then leave this multi-sensory pod.

When you come back to your desk your boss does not appear as grumpy, you realise that she may struggle herself with the current pressures and there is no one in your office she can speak to and share her vulnerabilities. You feel much better now and less stressed.

Sounds like something from a fairy tale? Hold on to your seats!

Sensory reality pods are looking to arrive to our workplaces in the near future. I had a great chance to test one at the Mad World Forum exhibition last week. The virtual reality content was enriched with scent, varied temperature, air flow, vibrations, taste and light frequency that resulted in a full sensory immersive experience.

Mind you it was not the most soothing experience. I was sitting on a roof of the train that was going through the forest fire… I did not like it… I almost got scared…My brain did not like it. Because all my senses were involved in the experience of going through the forest fire despite all the logic my brain almost believed it.

I came out of the pod wondering whether our reality is a simulated reality too…

The vision of Sensiks  – a company that creates sensory reality pods is great – to help people with post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety’s as well as more general relaxation (I don’t think they will include forest fires in the future content though) in order to help workforce with stress and prevent burnout in the workplace.


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