Wavelenght VR for pain: "This was a deeper level of immersion than I had ever felt before."

- Miranda McCarthy, Founder of Wavelength VR
Virtual reality for pain wavelength VR
After discovering Sensiks through a link my sister sent me, I immediately reached out to Luke Leven, the companies UK Director.

While a typical VR rig only deals with the senses of sight and sound, Sensiks has created a SR pod, which harnesses our full suite of senses. In the pod, audio-visual experiences are synchronised with scents, temperature, airflow, vibrations, taste and light frequencies.
This was something I had to see. Could sitting in a pod make things more realistic and increase VR’s power of teleportation?
I explained to Luke I was creating an experience for pain management. He informed me that Sensiks was focusing on the areas of cognitive therapy which look into PTSD, autism, mediation and mindfulness.
VR for pain wavelength
Later that week I was off to the Dutch Embassy in London to test out their system. Luke explained that Sensiks also has their own platform that maps the sensory experiences in the pod to VR experiences uploaded by users.
The pod (or VR cabinet) was the size of a small walk in shower with a glass door and a built-in bench. Luke placed the VR headset on my head and chose several experiences for me to try from the digital display on the cabinet wall.
From smelling a campfire burning in the woods, to feeling the tropical heat of a rainforest, to feeling the breeze from the ocean whilst sitting on a beach – this was indeed a deeper level of immersion than I had ever felt before.
Virtual reality for pain wavelength XR
Whilst I was sitting on the beach in my last experience, I could feel heat which mimicked the sun, I could feel airflow which mimicked the breeze off the ocean. I could look at the sea cliffs behind me or stare out at the ocean in front of me – all that was missing was a bucket of sand to plunge my hand into and it would have been completely real!
We look forward to exploring the synergy between Wavelength VR and Sensiks…
- Miranda McCarthy, Founder of Wavelength MR

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