Location Based Entertainment (LBE)

It’s been predicted that by 2023, location-based entertainment (LBE) will make up around 11% of the virtual reality (VR) industry. This sector of the industry is going from strength to strength because of the unique, shared entertainment it offers; exciting experience that brings people together for memorable moments.
Great LBE experiences combine the emotional power of storytelling, the visceral excitement of theme-park rides, and new VR technology to create stories and worlds that forge a new genre of entertainment. (Source: Forbes)
VR AR SR technology is transforming video content
multi sensory virtual reality event branding
Increase engagement of your visitors or take jour clients on a multisensory journey with Sensiks’ sensory reality pods.  
Sensiks offers clear cut solutions for fixed or temporary public pod placement.Standalone solutions can be equipped with integrated pay to play payment system.
For events Sensiks can facilitates transport, installation, customized sensified VR content and operator if required.  

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